Our First Gathering on 11/21 was a Success!

Our first gathering was a success! We had 5 people come. We hung out and enjoyed the views and a fire pit. We then hiked to Friant Avenue on cow trails and green grass with about 30 cows staring at us . I could see mountain bike tracks that me and my friend from the ski patrol had recently biked. We then hiked across Dry Creek and found a spot we’re unfortunately there was a recent motorcycle wreck and the man passed away. We all prayed for the families involved and I was able to share my testimony and some of My struggles. It’s a safe environment for men. We are  all are not perfect. We can share life together and have built everlasting bonds. It was a nice 3.5 mile walk with hot dogs, chips, and cold bottles of water. We had great conversations at the the end and built memories that will last forever.

We have another gathering after the first of the year. We all talked at the end have agreed to do some Kayaking at Millerton Lake. I will keep everyone updated. 🙏🤙

Ryan Smith

Website going live today!

Welcome to the OMG website. This is the archive section where, after our events, we will give a little story about our activities and adventures and share some pictures. We want to build lasting relationships and lasting memories!