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Outdoor Ministry Group is in partnership with Peoples Church’s Men’s Ministry Program

About OMG – Outdoor Ministry Group

“My desire is for men to get together in the outdoors in God’s perfect outdoor setting. In this relaxed environment we can enjoy getting to know each other. Going to church is very important, but not everybody is built to sit in a seat and listen to a preacher, though I highly recommend finding one you like. This is an alternative and added way to come together. In this noninvasive environment, we can build lasting relationships that could be life changing.  We believe in eternity. Eternity / Forever has already started. Although sports and adventure is important, what’s most important is a God centered relationship. This is something money can not buy. We can support each other. Help each other become better husbands, fathers, brothers, servant’s, employees or employers, leaders. To make eye contact and do what we say. To encourage each other. If we get knocked down, we can encourage each other to get up! We are broken humans with the desire to do better. “

Ryan Smith, OMG Founder

Ryan Smith with his son Kaleb

OMG Founder

About Ryan Smith

My name is Ryan Smith, I am 49 years old, I am the Husband of Tara smith for 32 years. We are owners of a local tile distribution store named Creative Tile. Father of Kaleb Smith 30 years old who now works with me at Creative Tile and Kaylee Smith 20 who is now self-employed. We are a hard-working family that love each other very much. Some say I’m an adrenaline junky which may have some truth, but I used to be on the National Ski Patrol, and I know how fast things can tun wrong. I’m more interested in safety and have a deep desire and understanding of how important it is that every and all come to the knowledge and trust of Jesus Christ. Putting our faith in Him! Is there anything more important that this choice? Love, eternity, truth! Believe