Enjoying The Beauty Of God’s Creation Outdoors.

Although going to church is very important, we’ve started OMG as an additional, less regimented, way to join together with each other and with God doing outdoor group activities. In this environment we will build lasting relationships that could be life changing.

Although sports and adventure is important, what’s most important is a God centered relationship. This is something money can not buy. Through our meetings and events, we will support each other. Help each other become better husbands, fathers, brothers, servants, employees, employers, and leaders. To make eye contact and do what we say. To encourage each other. If we get knocked down, we can encourage each other to get up! We are broken humans with the desire to do better.  

Outdoor Ministry Group is in partnership with Peoples Church’s Men’s Ministry Program

Our next gathering, kayaking at Millerton Lake, is being planned for January. The event date will be posted soon.

Men Only Group Policy

Outdoor Ministry Group is a men’s group. Our gatherings and events are for men only. No women are permitted at our gatherings, even as guests of members. This policy exists to encourage honest discourse at our gatherings related to sensitive subjects members may not feel comfortable discussing in mixed company. Through this honest expression, we feel we will be better able to mentor each other to be the best, most loving, and empathetic fathers, husbands, partners, friends, coworkers, and community members to the women in our lives.